Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life

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Parkour/Free Running stunts performed by Ronnie Shalvis.
Make sure to check out his youtube channel and facebook page!

The music from this video was inspired by "Ezio's Family" by Jesper Kyd
From the Assassin's Creed II Original Game Soundtrack
© & (P) 2009 Ubisoft Music

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the music for this video inspired by the original soundtrack from the link above!

Download the song off of iTunes in this link:

The AWESOME costume was made by my friend Allison Dredge! Make sure to check out her facebook page, and make sure to tell her she should work with me again! :) :)

My friend Jared Moench did the visual effects shot of Ronnie/Altair jumping from the building, contact him in this link:

And for other special thanks for helping film with the green screen:
Creigton Baird
Brianna Campbell

They have a street team of free runners/parkour performers, as well as a dance crew, and bmx crew. Check them out in the link below!

This was shot all on a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Glidecam HD 2000.

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  • Gabriel Thomas

    That first part is soooo fake!!

  • this is me

    How does the hood stay on??

  • Exodus

    64 MILLION VIEWS DAAyUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • roni kaipainen

    WTF OMFG how you... wtf how how???

  • Roka

    Dont try this at HOME and take the escalator

  • Flawless Gaming

    I just started watching your videos but I saw this a while ago never knew it was you

  • Kaling Jabagat

    every day i play assassin creed black flag and i didnt see kenway do the tumbling

  • #ErinFC #Cheetah

    Sorry typo you are amazing

  • EternalNexusWarrior Studios

    Holy shit dude. That is badassery to the maximum! :D

  • mayk music

    Я что-то не понял за кем он бегал

  • Videm pro


  • Sijjeel Khan

    Damn he is gonna hurt himself

  • sl_ Tiinkerbell

    ich brauch das kostüm ! sofort ! 😂

  • MasakoZ Hamsterwam

    leap of faith bit meh the rest beutiful

  • Yani Pineda

    Id love to see this guy run from the cops!He'd be hard to catch!🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • Leo Coronado

    Hey do ac brotherhood meets parlour pls

  • Luis Molze

    Carajo está mierda es asonbrosa

  • Savage Gamers

    You just copied Ronniestreetstunts

  • Vanoss Owl Gaming


  • David Tyler


  • Evan Wupperfeld

    I wish in the game assains can do front flips

  • Kradonseb YT

    pero ninguno de los personajes daba volteretas ni mortales ni nada de eso, mas bien yo diria un parkour sencillo con el traje de altair


    Please remove copyright strike on my video

  • Y. Wahyu parkour domain name for sale

  • mineplay alramhi

    i think he are playing assissans creed all the time

  • Estin Reinsch

    0:50 what alleyway is this??

  • Biswajit Nath

    assassins creed parkour without leap of faith is equal to pizza without topping

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