Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life

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Parkour/Free Running stunts performed by Ronnie Shalvis.
Make sure to check out his youtube channel and facebook page!

The music from this video was inspired by "Ezio's Family" by Jesper Kyd
From the Assassin's Creed II Original Game Soundtrack
© & (P) 2009 Ubisoft Music

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the music for this video inspired by the original soundtrack from the link above!

Download the song off of iTunes in this link:

The AWESOME costume was made by my friend Allison Dredge! Make sure to check out her facebook page, and make sure to tell her she should work with me again! :) :)

My friend Jared Moench did the visual effects shot of Ronnie/Altair jumping from the building, contact him in this link:

And for other special thanks for helping film with the green screen:
Creigton Baird
Brianna Campbell

They have a street team of free runners/parkour performers, as well as a dance crew, and bmx crew. Check them out in the link below!

This was shot all on a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Glidecam HD 2000.

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  • BigT 25

    Yeah real Assasins don't wear jeans it's gonna split

  • pineapples

    Aww I wanted to be Altair

  • Jayden Luttrell

    0:58 altiar cont climb trees


    1:10 how thin is that wall

  • Noah SAGER

    I'm a poor you tuber from New Zealand so plz sub and give my country some recognition

  • Arcanino 29

    This is not parkour is free running

  • Pinonymous

    Assassins don't do parkour they do free run


  • Jack Peli

    Do a video on the Great Wall

  • Desenhos e Animações DeA

    Pareceu mais o homem aranha

  • John Wallas Araujo

    lgl esse cara ai parece um ninja justiceiro toop

  • Ali Essam

    all the people how disliked this video are templars 😂

  • Khyro Smith-Allen

    that is so cooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go home and get your shine box

    pretty sure i cant even do a cartwheel so im just gonna sit down

  • Uptown Downtown

    I wanna play Assassin's Creed now ._.

  • Carmen Kosanke

  • SicilianuSalvatore

    Best parcoir i see it again

  • AmusementForce

    Can he do this on a water slide?

  • Hisham Ahmed

    This gives me memories of when i was 4... Yes i started playing assassin when i was 4

  • Brenda Metz

    Altiar best assassin

  • elkıram muradov


  • Kaye Conley

    THEY HAD 2 EDIT HIS JUMP (SIENCE GEEK ALERT)According 2 my calculations his first jump into the garbage can was aproximently 100 feet tall the advirage human would not land the fall instead they would die.

  • Bousakaia Zahra

    C'est de la merde ho m'y god

  • AmusementForce

    Is he a professional Batman?

  • Jack-bone

    Assassin's creed 2 is my favourite game

  • Altear Musik

    When you try and parkour but just cant....

  • Yamima Gurung Rana

    Where did u buy the ninja shout


    Its fun wooohuuu 🙄😉 nice work awesome vid , keep making more it's really MOTIVATIONAL , 🙄

  • janu mech

    Great guy. The only thing missing is a set of hidden blades. @devinsupertramp You should get him one :)

  • Scuuts 53

    The first seen is so cool

  • mustafa bulut

    Ohhh i get it! Assassins creed was based off of this guy!YANITLA

  • Brenda Metz

    its all fake entertainment purpose

  • Pato gaming

    Reecuerdo cuando me gustaba ver esto ;) (0:35 se ve la camara en el reflejo de agua xd)


    White dig you nu your ansatsen clothes

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