Assassin's Creed Unity E3 2014 World Premiere Cinematic Trailer [EUROPE]

The French Revolution was led by the people. They stood together and faught the oppression. This year, and for the 1st time in the Assassin's Creed® franchise, team up with friends to fight and destroy the symbols of oppression. THE online co-op mode you've been waiting for!

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  • jessica lamping

    I love assassin creed games they are awesome I love this trailer

  • sloth demon

    trailer is better than game lol

  • Ezio Blazes It

    This was my favorite trailer and probably my favorite AC game.

  • Fede tv


  • XxSniper MothXx7

    I like how the whole assassin brotherhood is fam

  • Pi Nguyen

    What the name song??

  • Fizzico

    This trailer was so good that it hyped me up too much.

  • Andrey

    Best trailer in my life, still watching 07.03.2018

  • Hillary Trump

    2:54 The guard on the right hold his sword with his left hand and changes to right when on 2:58 wtf

  • Itam Contreras

    This is the best trailer of Assassin’s Creed

  • Veljko Poznanovic

    Best intro but one of the worst asc games...

  • Matthewnisimo

    Still one of the best trailers in AC

  • TacoLordian 424

    Actually, not that bad of a game.

  • Thijmen

    Say what you want. I think it was an amazing game

  • Evgeniy Sharapov

    киньте трек я руски пожалусто

  • ELI Dedsec

    Stil whatching this still my fav

  • Big Boss

    Say what you will about Ubisoft but wow they definitely make the best trailers.

  • s4cul .ENTRY

    Daly dose:2 h watching the Trailer

  • YTCC Chris


  • Maria Waterdip

    2018 ааа, так классно, чо я тут забыла

  • Sargent Arch Dornan

    Might play unity again...

  • Andres Rondón

    What a trailer trailer! and like singing music!

  • Onra Nairod

    Still watching this in 2018

  • leonardo cunha

    qual o nome da music?

  • 곰수열의합

    1:58 Some peoples hide to side wall , badass :(

  • ELI Dedsec

    Still the best for mee

  • President Clint

    i could never complete this game, my game crashes every 15 minutes

  • Buknoy Gaming

    The Song makes it so badass!

  • flowerhorn 007

    almost 4 years still the best

  • Atash Tatbayev

    Самая лучшая часть игры ☺☺

  • Clawww

    (๑و•̀ω•́) I LOVE THIS FRICKIN'TRAILER¡!¡!¡!

  • Alex Jones

    Best AC trailer, this is just extraordinarily good.

  • MiKaiL GO7

    This looks like it is from 2024

  • El emmefeal

    2018. This game is amazing even if it has those errors

  • Miguel Aquino

    madre mia que buen trailer la verdad eh, es uno de los mejores, despues del assasin's creed III

  • Adam Turay

    Biggest finesse in gaming 😂😂😂

  • Alex Jones

    In my head canon, this actually happened in the story and the blue assassin is a different man than Arno.

  • الحاسوب التقني l

    Welcome to your lifeThere's no turning backEven while we sleepWe will find youActing on your best behaviorTurn your back on Mother NatureEverybody wants to rule the worldIt's my own desireIt's my own remorseHelp me to decideHelp me make the most of freedomAnd of pleasureNothing ever lasts foreverEverybody wants to rule the worldThere's a room where the light won't find youHolding hands while the walls come tumbling downWhen they do, I'll be right behind youSo glad we've almost made itSo sad we had to fade it

  • True blue Ozzie

    This is my favourite trailer of all time

  • Jhonathan Jhonathan ;D

    damn it...damn it....still rocking in 2018

  • William Azazel Miseria

    The Concept makes it badass but the gameplay ughhhhhhhhhh

  • flowerhorn 007

    best part is the assassins help and protect each other


    This is when we thought PS4 could handle this kind of graphics but no...sad😞

  • hong huang

    I personally think if they choose Viva la vida as Back ground music would be better.

  • Turah2k4 12

    Every assassin is teaching as better history than i learned in school.

  • Seth Majors

    The thing is about the trailer in takes place in the storming of bastille but didn’t that happen in Arno’s life when he was in prison not when he was a assassin

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